A young man has followed all the rules destined to give him fulfillment—going to grad school, finishing an engineering degree, and landing a high-paying career. Yet he has not found satisfaction in these things he was told to value. Afraid to break from the traditional song and dance of “get a degree, get a job, and get married in life”, he embarks on a journey to discover the values he needs in his true song and dance.

The Impression of a Good Life: Philosophical Engineering, self help/memoir, is a seven leg hike that mirrors Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Barrett’s seven levels of consciousness, during which the student discovers what his formal education and work experience are unable to offer him, values other than “titles” and “money”.  In the process of climbing the mountain of life, he learns about his unique “thinking thumb print,” which proves to him he can overcome the fear of being on stage singing and dancing what he wants to play in life.

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A REALITY of the Mountain of Life.



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