The real world now: get a degree, get a job, and get married. We can’t help but get caught up in it, it’s the traditional song and dance. Searching online for the next person to marry and realizing the resume seems empty without an advanced college degree.

It’s a catchy tune and a lot of people play to it. However for me, it was a karaoke nightmare. If I had just picked a different song to sing and dance to, I could have given a better performance. Now the stage is set, the mountain to actually climb, and it feels like it’s more my song and dance.

At the company Peter Principles, the work culture recently has been a roller coaster. With all sorts of ups and downs in scrap and sales, FOMO and JOMO are side by side trying to navigate the corporate ladder while avoiding getting tossed out the door. But they can’t help it, the clock is ticking and they constantly look to retirement for their freedom to play once again in the world. Dreams of playing on a big stage or living a work-free life are constantly shattered. Play is taking work and work isn’t always playing.

Life is a game as they are finding out; work or play?