Life is comprised of work and play

Through the concept of Philosophical Engineering, I continually focus on designing a life worth living. A life style design in which I hold myself accountable to growing in education, my work ethic, and the quality of relationships of those around me. Fine tuning of my moral compass.

Anthony Tenaglier is a Quality Manager in the aerospace investment casting industry with a B.S in Material Science Engineering and M.A. in Psychology. He is a columnist writer for the Thermal Processing Magazine in which he expresses that better quality in a process is both technical and practical knowledge. Tony is also a 500RYT yoga teacher who enjoys teaching not only physical posture sequences, but yogic philosophy and self-help in his classes. Through the concept he calls Philosophical Engineering, he believes life is a process we can all work at to better who we are and who we become. That’s his “work”. An avid golfer on the weekends; catch him on a good day and he can shoot par. You can also hear him playing drums in the band The kNowhere kidS performing triplets in his drum solo. Tony has a goal of running a marathon in every state, and will admit his room is full of Legos he still plays with. That’s his “play”. However, how he does anything, is really how he does everything. For him it's all the same game.

Life is a team sport. Tony's work and play with others.

NH 48 4,000 Footers

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A Color Removed (2017 - 2018)

-"When I think of orange, I don't think of red and yellow. I think of black and white" ~ Michael Rakowitz

A work in progress

The medium

- Goal (12 of 50) of marathon in every state (2015 - Present)

The Moral Inquiries - A Heights Gathering (2015 - 2018)

- Initially organized by Professor Bendik-Keymer, Tony was co-organizer

- Cleveland Heights Philosophy Ethics Group