Mountain Minute: When I know I’m wrong

When I know I'm wrong is a specific feeling. It isn't when I realize that I didn't get enough "likes" on my social media or when I can mask my mistake with a biased selfie or insecure post of something positive. 

Philosophical Engineering

I know I'm wrong when there is consequential feedback. Feedback not from social media, but rather feedback that isn't easy to always swallow when I make a mistake. It is feedback that makes me sink for a moment to reflect on the mistake that was made, feeling almost to the point that I did something wrong and know it is bad. This is when I know and feel that I'm wrong.

What is tough, is that there aren't many places to make mistakes and learn in a capitalistic society. That my mistakes and associated feelings have no place at an organization's bottom line. And yet, in a way that feels wrong. 

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