Mountain Minute: When conflict is necessary

Levi (2015) suggests there are misperceptions when it comes to conflict in that it is "bad and should be avoided", causes misunderstandings, or everyone's concerns will be addressed.

Philosophical Engineering

And yet Levi (2015) further goes on to suggest that conflict is normal in the development of team based processes. That teams avoiding conflict are actually doing a disservice to the members and possibly the organization as a whole. Levi (2015) recommends we need to all increase our emotional intelligence that involves self-awareness, empathy towards others, management of one's own emotions, and management of relations with others. 

It's not easy, but I always remind myself of the words Frederick Douglas (abolitionist during the Civil War) gave to a young man when asked what to do with his life, "agitate". 

Levi, D. (2015) Group dynamics for teams Thousand Oasks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc.

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